YEAR : 2016


Arch. Stefano Perlin - Ufficio Tecnico Morelato Ad Hoc

The clothing store Perlin has been interpreted as a modern and comfortable space. 
The sophisticated furniture made by Morelato combines the elegance of form with the refinement of the wood essence: hallmarks of the Morelato production. 
The square but smooth shapes of the counters and the rounded forms of reception area are enhanced by the grain of the whitened walnut treated with a special wax finish that protects the wood without covering it.

Display furniture and shop counter
The complete furnishing of the shop is made with bespoke and made to measure furniture in a contemporary style. The most impressing furniture of strong impact is the shop counter, with a structure made of curved elements. An elegant and technically enhancing detail are the solid carved door handles.

Display furniture
The counters and the showcases are all made with invisible doors and drawers. The drawers slide on runners with total extraction and soft closure.

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